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May 4, 2013
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Sleeping Rainbow V1 UCCW clock by Drugoli Sleeping Rainbow V1 UCCW clock by Drugoli
This is my custom made clock using the android app UCCW.
It features the following:
* Time (24 hour or AM/PM) and date
* Current temperature and location
* Missed calls
* Unread messages
* 4 customizable hotspots (time, date, phone, messages)

I would love to get some feedback on it, and if you want to download it for yourself, you can either do it from this site (uzip file only) or from gamefront (link below, includes apk and uzip file) UCCW IS required for the clock to work!
When you want to add the clock to your homescreen, use the 5*2 UCCW widget, and choose Sleeping Rainbow.

Clock download (both .apk and uzip): [link]
UCCW (Play Store): [link]

Credits for the Rainbow Dash picture goes to [link]
Featured on EQD! [link]
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The file does not exist :(
veeisme Nov 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I'm running Evervol on an HP Touchpad and my lock screen is now 20% cooler.

My only complaint is that even though I've got it set to display the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, it shows the "C" label.

I also wish I could just get rid of the missed calls and unread messages icons. It's a tablet so those icons will never be relevant. :/ Ah well. Still awesome! <3
Can I have the link for the background / wallpaper please?
It was actually a background I found a long time ago, by searching for abstract black background. But I think I found it again here, if you want it: [link]
haha, thanks a lot for that! :thumbsup: =)
looks cool im not actually using it since it doesn't fit my look but heres a pic of what it looks like on my DNA. [link]
Somehow make this into a lock screen. This would be a good lock screen.
Well, would love to make it, but can't sadly :(. You need widget locker or alike to use this for your lock screen.
BUT! Some custom roms allow you to put any widget as a lock screen widget, for example SlimBean.
These two ways are the only ones I know of, that you can use to get this as your lock screen. I actually tried it (custom rom method), and it doesn't look half bad ^_^
Never mind. Do I need to have UCCW installed with widget locker or is there a way to just have it work with only widget locker?
I've never really used widget locker. But I do know that you need to have UCCW installed, without it you can't create the clock, it relies on UCCW to work.
You could try and check this out, could help you: [link]
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